Smokin Oaks Ranch


We're a family operation in Brownwood Texas who raise registered Texas Longhorn cattle. Our brand Smokin Oaks evolved from a large fire that spread across our place and the next morning we looked out to see all the burnt and....Smokin Oaks.

We started out - like most - wanting yard art and the tax exemption that came with grazing cattle. We purchased a few, and as most do, we ended up growing our herd of registered longhorn, attending sales and meeting other breeders along the way. We've learned that to produce quality cattle it takes planning, time, and lots of culling undesirable geneics. Fortunately we have a beef program that has given us an outlet for those undesirable cattle.

We love to talk Longhorns and help anyone interested in this industry. Whether you're researching to purchase your first longhorn, talk about beef, or discuss pedigrees and breeding strategies we enjoy it all.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our registered Longhorns or our beef program.